History. Daskalidès, Finest Belgian Chocolate



In 1923, the Greek Daskalides-Kestekides family settles in Ghent. In 1931, the father opens Fritz, a confectionery  and tea room in the Veldstraat, which has now been turned into a Fnac store. That is where Daskalides launches his home-made pralines under the brands Leonidas and Daskalides. His son Jean grows up to become a gynaecologist, jazz musician, hospital director and university lecturer.


Jean Daskalides takes over Leonidas, which is later sold.


Jean Daskalides takes over the management of Daskalides and starts his conquest of the international market. With great success. Moreover he turns Daskalides into a strong brand name  by strengthening this artisan trade.


Daskalides, now managed by Alexandre, Jean’s son, is awarded the prestigious Laurier d’Or de la Qualite in France for its chocolate of exceptional quality, beautiful product designs and exquisite flavours. The company recruits a dedicated maiture chocolatier and Daskalides, with its distinctive style, becomes a reference in the world of chocolate.


Daskalides is taken over by Bouchard, another Belgian quality  chocolate brand, and by the Belgian family holding Sea-Invest.


The Daskalides and Bouchard production units move to a joint site in Ghent  with a 10, 000 m² production area.


Meanwhile, the Daskalides range has been extended with affordable luxury products. We are also developing a new, harmonised corporate concept honouring our tradition  as producers of high-quality chocolate products. This new concept and corporate image will be applied to our products , packaging and the network of Daskalides resellers in more than forty countires all over the world.

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